I looked like a barrel…

I started to plan for my wedding almost a year in advance. My budget was tight and I looked for different ways to save some money. So I decided to search for a wedding dress online. I found a dress that I loved on the website called bridalgownsonsale.com, which was a replica of a Davinci dress. It cost only $200 and I was very excited. The dress looked perfect on the picture and exactly how I wanted it. I used the measurement chart provided by the website. I made sure to measure myself several times to make sure I get the right size since the dress was not returnable. In one month, I received the dress in the plastic tight package all wrinkled up. I said to myself there’s nothing to worry that’s easy to fix. But when I tried it on the dress was about 2 sizes big on me and was falling off me. It was not puffy as on the picture and was sagging down. There was no defined shape of the waist and I looked like a barrel. I was very disappointed and upset. On the other hand, I was relieved that I still had la lot of time to search for another dress. I know better now to purchase the real brand instead of trying to buy something for cheap and then ending up with bad product quality.


-Victoria A.

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