Help Catch Counterfeiters!

Dear Members of ABPIA,

Consumers scammed by counterfeit sites come into your store every day.  Don’t let them walk away without getting their contact information and stories.

We need your help in finding real people who have been ripped off when purchasing fake designer dresses on the Internet. U.S. Senators want to hear their horror stories.  So does the media.

Just keep this Catch A Counterfeiter Form handy in your store. Train your staff to use it. Share it on your social media.

It’s easy and fast.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Make copies of the form (either color or black/white) and keep on your sales floor.
  2. When a counterfeit victim visits your store hand them the form and ask them to fill it out in return for a gift card provided as a “Thank You” from the ABPIA.
  3. Ask them for photos to send to the email address found at the bottom of the form.

We need each and every ABPIA member to start fighting fakes today. Here’s how you can help:

  • Download the Catch A Counterfeiter Form here to your computer for easy printing.
  • Share this letter with customers and friends in the industry who may also be damaged by counterfeiters
  • Post the link to the Catch Counterfeiters Form on your social media:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.

Get answers to your questions and your customers questions at

The success of our fight depends on reaching real people willing to share their stories.

Please help starting today!  The future of our industry depends on you.

Thank You!


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