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Some brides bought wedding dresses online from China, and got a big surprise.

BUYER BEWARE is all i’ll say!!

I am writing to discourage anyone from using and have attached some pictures of a dress that cost me over £130 from them. The measurements are not correct, the cut is terrible, the back is longer than the front, and they have attached a hook to the back at the top of the zip, but no eye.

To cut a long story short I have been in an ongoing dispute with them for the past few months and have now had to get paypal involved. This company is selling items under false pretences and using pictures that are not representative of the item you end up getting. I don’t want to go on, i’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. BUYER BEWARE is all i’ll say!!


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I looked like a barrel…

I started to plan for my wedding almost a year in advance. My budget was tight and I looked for different ways to save some money. So I decided to search for a wedding dress online. I found a dress that I loved on the website called, which was a replica of a Davinci dress. It cost only $200 and I was very excited. The dress looked perfect on the picture and exactly how I wanted it. I used the measurement chart provided by the website. I made sure to measure myself several times to make sure I get the right size since the dress was not returnable. In one month, I received the dress in the plastic tight package all wrinkled up. I said to myself there’s nothing to worry that’s easy to fix. But when I tried it on the dress was about 2 sizes big on me and was falling off me. It was not puffy as on the picture and was sagging down. There was no defined shape of the waist and I looked like a barrel. I was very disappointed and upset. On the other hand, I was relieved that I still had la lot of time to search for another dress. I know better now to purchase the real brand instead of trying to buy something for cheap and then ending up with bad product quality.


-Victoria A.

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