ABPIA Reports Significant Progress in Our Fight Against Counterfeiters



ABPIA President Steve Lang recently visited Washington, D.C. and attended the Senate Finance Committee meeting before also meeting with the FBI, Customs, Homeland Security as well as other law enforcement authorities involved with the fight against counterfeit goods.

Senator Robert Menendez pressed US Customs to increase its efforts to stop counterfeit goods from entering the United States, which are appearing more frequently as small packages are ordered online. Menendez told the story of constituents in his home state of New Jersey who were under the impression that they ordered top-line bridal dresses from a discount website but received low-quality “knock-off” dresses instead.

R. Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), recently appeared before the Senate Committee on Finance to give an update on the CBP’s progress. “Customs and Border Protection is implementing a multifaceted approach to e-commerce, particularly as it impacts sales and imports through the mail and express environments. We are educating consumers and working with major e-commerce businesses to identify and prevent the sale and import of counterfeit or dangerous products,” Kerlikowske said in his testimony. “Strong partnerships with our federal enforcement counterparts, effective targeting of high-risk shipments, and frontline interceptions of cargo… produced more than 28,000 seizures of fake products in 2015, with an estimated MSRP of $1.35 billion.”

Search engines like Google bear some responsibility for the illegal trade because “they seem to aid and abet these counterfeiters by failing to police the use of copyrighted productive imagery in online ads,” Menendez argued. “But Customs also needs to step up its activity to stem the flood of counterfeit goods,” he added.

The ABPIA now has seven influential senators and congressman members as allies in the fight against counterfeit goods. The ABPIA board members and its allies are scheduled to meet in June with the Canada Border Services Agency, who sought out the ABPIA to join in the fight.


To see the entire video of the Senate Finance Committee hearing on US Customs and Border Protection, click here. Commissioner Kerlikowske gave his testimony at

36:00 and Senator Menendez speaks at around 55:30.




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