FOX News – Warning for prom dress buyers: Beware of online scams


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Afton DeWyse was so excited about prom. She went online and looked for the perfect dress and thought she found one at a great discount.

She placed an order for one that cost $175.  What arrived in the mail was worth less.

The sequins were falling off. The stitching is showing, the gown is made of lining instead of fabric.

Her sisters: “Oh my gosh, mom, it’s horrible, you can’t make her wear that to prom.”

She couldn’t possibly, so they went to the Allure Bridal Salon in Livonia only to find out they were not alone.

Rita Naman of Allure: “We have like three four times a week that they come in with that kind of stories and we’re going to see even more when it comes closer to prom.”

“Some of the dresses are made in China and they’re a cheaper version of what is shown on web sites,” says Naman.

In the end, a very nice dress from Allure was purchased for Afton, one that she can see, feel and try on in person.

The senior at Livonia Franklin learned an expensive lesson and hopes others will learn from her experience.

Buyer beware when it comes to purchasing prom dresses on line.


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